UPDATE! Wait..what? WHAT is THIS?!?!



What is this?!

I went from confusion to dumbfounded to feeling being hurt knowing my child would come home hungry. Zion refuses eats what the school provide, I know this because he’s uber picky but after I received a note from his teacher last month that he hasn’t eat much and perhaps I could pack him a lunch. I did…

Until one day last week, I received this note and I was confused as wanting to know why and I called the health coordinator. Left a message hoping they would call back but they didn’t. So I was like, f this… I continue to pack him a lunch.

Then I received this with a little note from his teacher to not send a lunch from home unless a doctor’s note is sent in. Why do we need a doctor’s note? This is astounding on so many levels. How dare they tell me not to pack a lunch from home but they would force my child to eat? I know my child and I know what he likes to eat. But if he refuses, what is he going to eat then?

It hurts me as a mother that he won’t eat what the school provide.

It hurts me as a mother to know he would sit there and watch all of his friends happily eat their lunches.

It hurts me as a mother that it’s a federal funded and it’s all about the money.

It hurts me as a mother to know that we always have an option to pack a lunch but at this school it’s not an option at all.

Update: I will follow up on this topic in a next few weeks . Thank you.

Out of the safety and well being of my children and the other children at the school, I will not be naming the school.
UPDATE 11/11 – After receiving an email from the school board, here is what was said:

It is Head Start policy, not Henrico County Public Schools policy, that there cannot be any costs to parents associated with the program, meals or otherwise. Parents packing a lunch is considered a “cost” by Head Start. As a result, every year parents are informed that students can only bring lunches from home if there is a medical condition that merits a specific diet, along with a physician’s note to that regard.
Meals served by the school conform to USDA nutritional requirements along with cultural, religious, and personal preferences on a case by case basis. Parents are always welcome to discuss their children’s dietary needs with our health coordinator.
While many disagree with this particular Head Start (HS) performance standard by which we are regulated and funded; as good stewards of federal dollars, it is protecting one of our most at risk populations and  operating at the highest level of expectation with all of the funding strands we utilize for Pre-K.
So, I had a meeting with two health coordinators and a sign language interpreter last week and they explained exactly what the school board mentioned in the email. It’s the rule that was in Parent Handbook, I may overlook this rule but don’t the parents always have an option? shrugs
However, I got a doctor’s note and Zion can continue get a bagged lunch from home.
Thanks for reading. :)
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Linda is a deaf stay at home mommy to 3 boys - Dezmond (2006), Zion (2009) and Kaden (2012). She is a DC native but calls Richmond VA home. She enjoys crocheting, couponing, cooking, and arts & crafts with her boys. You can find her on twitter @4evamamii and facebook as My 2 Crazy Curls.


  1. nicole says

    Wow as a mom of three thats heartbreaking.Schools i tell you.I have issued with my children not eating what school lunch provides also.I would be heartbroken if i received that note.I hope things change, let me know if i can help by signing a potition or something.

  2. Katlyn Kizzee says

    If it was me, I’d keep on sending the lunches. Who are they to tell your child that he has to go hungry when you sent him food.

      • william schaefer says

        This is unbelievably wrong! You need to contact Fox news!!!! Government is out of control. Who are they to tell you that you cant feed your own child!!! WTF

        • Tom Henley says

          what about these parents who only allow their children to eat organic foods served in organic packaging and to be eaten with organic utensils while drinking organic soy milk or organic water – do these parents also have to force their children to eat food that they as parents do not agree with? I am not one of those parents, but the question begs to be asked.

  3. says

    My kid eats a prepared lunch daily. When I am tired. I have to get up and make that lunch. It started about two years ago that my kid would still be hungry because by the time they got through the lunch line, and sit down. It was time to go. I made sure my kid has everything she needs to make it through the day. This is banana cakes.

    I don’t understand why they won’t let you pack his lunch. Then call your Peds doctor and get the note. They can’t force your child to eat processed crap when you are making him something fresh and healthy daily.

    • Linda says

      I will pick up the dr’s note tomorrow, get it notarized, make a copy for myself and bring it to school.

      • Lady M says

        Good for you – I would do the exact same thing. This is foolishness on both the schools part AND the government. Well – worse on the government…yeesh. Talk about trying to control the citizens that voted them into office….well wait…some were not voted in…they were appointed….or something. This makes me angry for you and your son. And they wonder why homeschooling is on the rise…

  4. Julia says

    My son is also super picky and we don’t serve him low-grade food at home, either. He wouldn’t eat one meal on the menu for school – we need to pack a lunch!
    Have you contacted the Health Coordinator? This is awful and there should be no reason you cannot pack a lunch for your child. If there’s any way you can post follow-up information on this, it would be great! I’m sure I’m not the only one who is concerned this could spread elsewhere.

  5. says

    Hi Linda,

    I’ve been following this via Trisha and it was really nice to finally come out and take a look around your site. I think you pretty much already know how I feel about this, and I think it’s beyond absurd that they put the onus on YOU, your child’s parent, to go and obtain (at your own cost I’m assuming) a doctor’s note. If you had a co-pay or had to pay outright for the visit (I’m pretty sure our insurance wouldn’t cover an office visit just to get a note justifying my RIGHT to pack my child a healthy lunch!) I’d make a copy of the bill and give it to your school superintendent.

    I hope you’ll update us on everything that happens from here on out!
    Audrey recently posted…Something Kinda BIG Happened!My Profile

  6. Keri Daniel says

    You should fight this! It’s time to make a stink. I bet we could get a bunch people to back you on it. Let me see what my friends have to say. This doesn’t “fly” with any of us!!!

  7. Terra says

    This is outrageous. Someone at that school has lost their mind.They can’t do this! This is your child and you can decide what to feed him. I would contact the school board immediately with your concern and spread this far and wide. I intend to-and I would still send the lunch with him!
    What state are you in?
    Now we could use logic and ask why you need a dr’s note to feed your child at school?

  8. says

    As a parent of two toddlers, I am outraged. This is ludicrous. I want to yell and scream and make everyone sorry for this obvious… blatant…


    Here’s my recommendation: don’t let this slide. Don’t resolve it peacefully. Take this note to the school board or the principle and demand an explanation. When they give you some lame excuse, take it to the press. Call your congressman. Don’t let them get away with something like this, because this issue isn’t just affecting your family. It’s affecting a lot of other families and they just haven’t said or done anything yet.

    • Linda says

      OH you best believe I won’t let this slide. I will do what I have to make sure that my child get a bagged lunch from home, one way or another.

  9. Judy says

    I would start contacting politicians as well — everyone from the school board to the governor and my senators and congressional representative. This is absurd.

    • Linda says

      yes its their rights but I don’t think most parents would send them those items you mentioned. Cafeteria foods are far more disgusting than chips, soda, and lunchables

    • Lady M says

      It absolutely IS the right of the parents to send whatever the deem necessary. It might not be the best sometimes, but the children do not belong to the school or the government. Get them out of the children’s lunchbag!

  10. Jamie says

    This makes me very afraid. I started homeschooling 10 years ago, and when confronted by people who thought it was bad for the kids, I would use this exact thing as an analogy for why we don’t need to rely on the state to educate our children if we wanted to do our own thing. I would ask if it made sense for the state to provide cafeterias where we all had to go eat because we couldn’t be trusted to do what’s right for our own families. At the time it seemed absolutely ludicrous to even think such a thing would happen…

  11. tori says

    What is your point? Yes. It is a parent’d right to feed their child whatever they please. We aren’t raising kids for the government. We as parents have the right to parent as we see fit. Period. What makes it okay for the government to mandatethe feeding of genetically modified, grade-d-but-edible garbage to children? Who gave them that authority?